Chen Yang

Portfolio ⚛️

Projects learning by doing.

These projects were all completed between 2021 and the first half of 2022 which are all out of date now since I've made big progress with React and Next.js. I'm working on some new projects to demonstrate my expertise.

The Clone Webs

I recreate real websites to hone my skills as a frontend developer.

React Apps

These apps are made with React interacting with public APIs, and store data on Firebase or local storage.


"digiKIT" is a fake e-commerce web app to demonstrate how this kind of app works on both server-side and client-side. This is my first *full-stack* app. Build with React, Redux, Express and MongoDB.

Chat App

I am fascinated by the concept of GraphQL and Prisma, so I made a chat app to learn the subscription of GraphQL, to know Prisma better. I used TailwindCSS for fast development.

React Apps

Covid-19 Tracker

Exercise about React with API & Leaflet.


Exercise about React with store data on Firebase.

Find A Movie

Exercise about React with API & localStorage.

FreeCodeCamp Certifications

I got 4 certifications on

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Font End Libraries
  • APIs and Microservices