CY is here.

🖖🏻 Hi, My name is Chen Yang, CY for short.

I make websites.

I am a self-taught front-end developer who also makes full-stack stuff.


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The Clone Webs

I recreate real websites to hone my skills as a frontend developer.
Clone of Ableton
Clone of Backstage Talks
Clone of Bejamas

React Apps

These apps are made with React interacting with public APIs, and store data on Firebase or local storage.
Clone of Covid-19 Tracker
Clone of Flashcard
Clone of JS Clock


"digiKIT" is a fake e-commerce web app to demonstrate how this kind of app works on both server-side and client-side. This is my first *full-stack* app. Build with React, Redux, Express and MongoDB.
Clone of

Chat App

I am fascinated by the concept of GraphQL and Prisma, so I made a chat app to learn the subscription of GraphQL, to know Prisma better. I used TailwindCSS for fast development.
Clone of

I was a frontend developer from 2007-2010 and a UX designer from 2010-2012. Then I changed my career path, and in recent years I've worked as a screenwriter and producer. So there're a lot of new tech stacks for me to catch up in order to relaunch my career as a developer.

I began re-building my knowledge and learning React in March 2020. In three months, I received 4 certifications from And above are some projects I created whilst learning the incredible React.